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Welcome! My name is Sarah Osborn. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and moved to Mckinney, Texas in 2015.  I am a decorative furniture painter and a mother to 3 beautiful, energetic children.
One of a Second Kind began in 2019, but my journey of refinishing furniture started when I was much younger. My mother, an expert in the field of interior design, taught me most everything about paint and design concepts. I first began with just painting walls but soon I became thrilled by the idea of taking an already great piece of furniture that maybe no longer matched my current decor, and turning into something fresh and updated for the space. I enjoy helping friends and family decorate their furniture and spaces and hope to help you too. I hope to continue to broaden my perspective and design ideas as well as help others on their journey, whether that be my teaching or by helping make their house feel more like a home. I hope you enjoy my page and I welcome any questions or comments. Thanks for your support!


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